Is Diabetes Curable?


Often diabetes patients, ask their doctor if their illness is curable or not, and if there is hope for them to get rid of it forever.  Once diagnosed, diabetes is not curable, the patient will have diabetes for the rest of his life.
If blood sugar levels will be maintained within normal limits, or close to them, chances are that the life span to be equal or nearly equal, with that of a healthy person. Moreover, if the patient follows the doctor’s correct instructions, he may live longer than a man who considers himself  ”healthy” , does not suffer from diabetes, but leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

Because it is subjected to repeated and regular checks, the patient with diabetes may find that he has a high cholesterol or high blood pressure, conditions that many non-diabetic patients, did not know about and do not treat. Failure to comply with treatment cancels this advantage for diabetics. Doctors have a duty to inform patients with diabetes on their disease and give them advice on what they should do. Diabetics need medical advice, but also have the obligation towards them, and twords their family, to follow medical advice. United in this common effort, physicians and patients will be able to collaborate better in the fight against diabetes.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus although not perfect, gives good and very good results in most cases, if it is well indicated by the physician and  followed correctly by the patient. Positive results are more difficult to obtain in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, easier in those who only need a good diet combined or not with oral hypoglycemic agents.

What does the future bring regarding the treatment of this disease? we still do not know, but what we know is that the medical world constantly researches with a great intensity, for discovering new treatment options, from the simplest to pancreas transplantation or insulin-producing cells. Everyone dreams of the day when diabetes will be completely cured and  the diabetic will not be forced to inject insulin daily, swallow a handful of drugs or follow a strict diet.

If patients and physicians together, properly apply the treatment we know today , complications can be avoided or delayed, and the “moment of healing” will find as many as possible living, able to receive the success of new discoveries.

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